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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Fantastic Teenage Advice - Josh Shipp

Recently, an internationally known speaker for school assemblies, youth conferences, colleges, and educational events got in touch with us. He has spoken to over ONE MILLION PEOPLE, hosted a REALITY TV SHOW, and has shared the stage with BILL COSBY. Josh has the ability to connect on a rare level, to inspire, motivate and get young people to THINK about their lives.
We think that he was impressed with our podcast (we hope so anyway!) and he said that maybe you guys would like to know about him if anyone ever has any problems.
So if you need any advice about anything at all concerning teenage life, we really recommend that you get in touch with him - he is hugely well-known!
If you do have any thing that you would like his advice on, please click HERE to leave him your problem - or if you would just like to check out his site, please click on his banner underneath.
He has his own podcast, even his own TV series!


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