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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Just for you - Beatrix!!!

Finally we have received a post from a person - rather than a computer!
Congratulations Beatrix P. for being the first person to ever leave not 1 comment, but 2 comments on our site! We love you!
You can find them on the site now - sorry for the delay!
So thanks Beatrix - we've just been in touch, we'll be playing some Green Day just for you!
If there's anyone out there apart from Beatrix - she has a very big chance (100%!) of winning our competition so get in to make sure that you do as well!
Thanks Beatrix, and look out for some Green Day!


Anonymous Beatrix P. said...

Hello again!!!
I feel so loved now... *sniff*
I thought more people listened to your podcast but it turns out that....well, yeah...I told some of my friends about it btw, so they might sign up. (i don't know for sure but...I try!)

Once again,
Beatrix P.

11:50 PM

Anonymous Beatrix P. said...

Hello again, i can't stop looking at the post with my name in it! I say, even if i'm the only listener, you should still make the TalkTeen Podcast. I was thinking, you should talk a little more about the artist and the song after you play some music. It would be nice to know about the musicians...Suggestion! just a suggestion...
I also told more of my friends with iTunes about your podcast...I like to help out with publcizing (i can't spell!) when stuff i like doesn't get much attention.

Once again, again,
Beatrix P.

5:51 AM


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