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Sunday, July 09, 2006

OK, right!!!

OK, right, this is what we are gonna do.
We don't know who is listening to our podcast - we know that people are, but we don't know who!
So...we will be releasing ONE MORE episode of our podcast! In this podcast, we will be including this message.

After this podcast (Episode 4), there will be no more episodes of TalkTeen, UNLESS you guys tell us that you are listening to it!
We think this is fair - so if you are listening to this podcast, don't think that someone else will say that they are listening to it - you need to come forward, add a comment to this note (to do that, click on the pencil), email us on or enter our competition on our website! We need to know that you are enjoying (or just listening) to our podcast, otherwise there is no point of doing it, is there?
Thank you and please, please, please, leave a comment!
Thank you!


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