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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Films on the TalkTeen Podcast

In the next few episodes that we will be releasing, we will be talking about some films that we particularly enjoyed.
If you wish to watch any of these films (or indeed - thousands and thousands of others) do not panic! You don't need to buy them. Why not just rent them?
OK - but some of these high street stores are a bit on the expensive side, aren't they? I mean - Blockbuster can charge £4 for one DVD for one night.
We've found (and use) a much better service - where you don't even need to LEAVE YOUR HOUSE. is a fantastic website - where, after becoming a member (and paying around £10 a month) - you can get unlimited DVDs in that month! How cool is that???
Let us explain...
Imagine having access to hundreds of thousands of DVDs, Blu-Ray disks and video games - just at the touch of a button.
Lovefilm is a website where you pay a small amount, then pick any DVDs (or Blu-Ray disks or video games) and add them to your online list. Lovefilm will then, straight away, pick one of the DVDs on the list and send it to you, via the post. It comes the next working day. You watch it. If you like it, you can keep it for as long as you like. There are no late fees. When you send that back (free of charge, they even provide the envelope) - they immediately send you out the next one.
We are on a package where they send us two at a time - and it is absolutely brilliant! We can watch as many DVDs as we want every month, we just send them back after we watch them - and then we get the next one.

It is brilliant and we highly recommend it.

If you are interested in subscribing to Lovefilm - or just seeing more details, please click here to go to their website and subscribe.


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